MVSU Launches New Mass Notification System - Regroup

June 6, 2017

Mississippi Valley State University has launched a new mass notification system called Regroup.

The system can reach students, faculty, staff and members of the Valley community with time-sensitive information during unforeseen events or emergencies using email, social media and/or text messaging.

In addition, the technology will be utilized as a day-to-day mass messaging notification tool. The one-click messaging interface resembles a standard email to empower people of all technical abilities to quickly compose a new message or use a pre-written, event-specific template.

In one click, users can reach multiple teams and groups of stakeholders — from the office, or in the field. And because Regroup is a cloud-based platform, everyone can communicate at the same time on their preferred device, while simultaneously creating a paper trail for accountability and compliance.

The University will use emergency contact numbers that have been registered with Banner, which is a comprehensive information system for faculty, staff and students. Regroup's Emergency Notification System will be tested community-wide four times per year.

With an easy-to-use, innovative mass communication technology, Regroup will give the university the ability to keep students, faculty and staff connected and safe.   The technology also complies with the Clery Act with instant communication to the entire campus community — whether they're in class or across town.