MVSU holds Sponsored Programs Awards Day

November 6, 2017

ITTA BENA, Miss.—The Mississippi Valley State University Office of Sponsored Programs and Title III honored faculty, staff and one deserving person recently during its awards day program. 

Hosted in H.M. Ivy Cafeteria Dining Room IV, the annual event is designated to show appreciation from sponsored programs to faculty and staff members who have competed for funding from government agencies, private foundations and other non-profits.

During the 2016 academic year, the university received 28 awards, totaling over $7.5 million. 

“Sponsored programs are critical for the university, not only from a budgetary standpoint but for its continued success,” said MVSU President Dr. Jerryl Briggs. You all are an example of the dedicated faculty and staff we have on our campus who work hard to ensure our students are first and that they are successful.”

In addition to shining the light of success on faculty and staff, the program also celebrated the long time and outstanding work of Irma Burks Daily. In her absence, Daily was presented an award for her accomplishments, which was accepted by Jannette Adams, MVSU Senior Development Officer/Grant Administrator. 

“She has continued to work with Sponsored Programs even after her retirement as a consultant, and I can tell you at the age of 85, she’s still sharp,” said Samuel Melton, MVSU Director of Sponsored Programs/Title III.

Since 1968, Daily has worked with MVSU to help secure TRIO, a federal outreach and student services programs designed to identify and provide services for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

A native of West Point, Daily began her career at MVSU as a counselor with the Upward Bound Program and has worked on every TRIO proposal submitted by the university for the past 50 years.

“She was a lady of integrity and dignity. She had a charisma about her that you couldn’t help but love,” said Abraham Gates.

Gates was one of Daily’s first hires as the director of the Upward Bound Program, and he shared remarks on her commitment to the university and young people during the program.

“Her dedication was never related to the income she may have received, but it was always to the children that she served.”

Gates felt it was because of Daily that many low-income students had the opportunity to travel and be exposed to new things.

“We don’t know the extent of the impact that her services to the university and the children who matriculated through these programs have had on the country,” Gates said. She is well deserving of the honor that is being bestowed upon her this day.”

Dr. Constance Bland, Vice President of Academic Affairs explained the current financial climate of the university and the need to find alternative funding sources.

“The University is in a very precarious situation right now. We’ve just faced large budget cuts, and we’re facing additional cuts next year. It’s incumbent on us now more than ever before to seek other avenues of funding,” said Bland. 

To culminate the celebration, Melton handed out awards to several faculty and staff members who either submitted proposals, had proposals funded or successfully implemented and managed projects and Title III activity.

Melton also extended his appreciation to all of the departments that work directly and indirectly with the Office of Sponsored Programs and Title III.

Those receiving certificates for proposal submissions included: RoShaun Bailey, Terrance Hurssey, LaShon Brooks, Dr. Alphonso Sanders, Dr. John Zheng, Dr. JoAnn Baldwin, Dr. Earlean Anderson, Dr. Rachel Beecham, Dr. Latonya Garner, Dr. Manji Pande, Dr. Hattie Spencer, Dr. Candance Carter Stevens, Dr. Jiabo Lium, Dr. Chukwuma Ahanonu, Timothy Holsten, Christopher Lanclos and Dr. Matthewos Eshete.

Those receiving new grant awards included: Dr. Mark Dugo, Dr. Kathie Stromile Golden, Dr. Cristina Radulescu, Andre Payne, Dr. Ying Wang, Dr. Matthewos Eshete, Mr. Derrick Jones, Sonja Foster, Jannette Adams and Dr. Gloria Ross.

Those receiving certificates for maintaining funding sources include: Dr. Abigail Newsome, Alex Granderson, Dr. Constance Bland, Dr. Earlean Anderson, Timothy Holsten, Lee Redmond, Dr. Raymond Williams, Sherman Freeman, Dr. Chukwuma Ahanonu, Dianthia Ford-Kee, Martha Smith, Dr. Daniel Trent, Betty Farmer, Raymond Williams and Dean Renardo Hall.

Title III Activity Director recognized were: Wanda Young, Dr. James Varn, Torrey Moore, Dean Renardo Hall, Terrence Hurssey, Essie Bryant, Dameon Shaw, Dr. Kenneth Done, Michael Taylor, Gladys Flaggs, Martin Davis, Elizabeth Hurssey, Sharon Freeman, Dr. Yolanda Jones, Mantra Henderson and Dr. Kathie Stromile Golden.