Goli Presents Research at Biochem Conference

January 6, 2017

Dr. Mudlagiri B. Goli, professor of Chemistry in Natural Sciences and Environmental Health at Mississippi Valley State University recently received a huge honor.
Dr. Goli was a speaker at the 2016 Biochem Conference on Dec. 8-9, 2016 held at the Hilton Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. 
His conference speech centered around his research, which investigated the role of metal enzymes in Biosynthesis of protein and fatty acids by application of trace elements.
“The present study is part of our ongoing investigation to study the role of trace elements on the effect on soybean seed composition,” said Goli. 
The conference is designed to unite world-class professors, scientists and biochemists to discuss strategies in the field of Biochemistry. 
Dr. Goli’s study was conducted to study the effects of five trace elements. (Mn, Cu, Zn, Mo, B (*mainly chlorides except Mo as oxide, and B as boric acid) alone and in combination with the chelating agent citric acid (CA) on soybean seed protein, oil and fatty acids Soybean cultivar (Bolivar with maturity group V) was grown in a repeated greenhouse experiment in a randomized complete block design. The compounds were applied in a combination of the chelating agent CA and the trace element (example, Mn + CA) to three-week-old soybean plants at V3 (vegetative) and at R3 (beginning of seed pod initiation) stages. 
“The plants were allowed to grow until maturity under greenhouse conditions. The harvested seeds were analyzed for mineral, protein and fatty acid contents. The effect of the above treatment on seeds mineral was published in 2015,” explained Goli. 
“Our goal is to identify the elements that would make desirable changes in the composition of the soybean seeds,” he added.
In addition to his work, Goli enlisted the assistance from other professors, including Dr. Manju Pande who also teaches Natural Sciences and Environmental Health here at MVSU. 
“I am a chemist. Plants are like a bag full of chemicals. Dr. Pande has a background in botany so her approach to the study added a different element,” said Goli.
At MVSU, Dr. Goli has charged himself with the goal of enhancing STEM activities for his students. 
“I am using technology in classrooms and to carry out research to enhance student’s learning process. My passion is for students and for research in soybeans. My mission is to mentor, be a professor with compassion to teach the so called neglected and disadvantaged here in the Mississippi Delta,” said Goli. 
Goli’s relationship with his students is special. 
“When a student enters my classroom they become my child. Our students are second to none. They need nurturing and guidance and hands on activities. We are producing quality graduates who later on become professors, doctors, leaders, scientists, teachers, productive citizens, well known athletes and the list goes on,” Goli said. 
Dr. Goli completed his Ph.D. in Chemistry. His academic interest is in multi-disciplinary areas: Nuclear power plant and in Plutonium plant (BARC, India), other areas of expertise are organic synthesis/ organo-metallic, analytical, medicinal chemistry, nuclear waste disposal. He had the opportunity to discover a novel method for removing gadolinium from heavy water in Aiken, S.C.