Edna Horton Residence Hall Undergoing Renovations

July 21, 2017

The Edna Horton Residence Hall, which was originally built in 1968 is undergoing a $7.4 million renovation project.

According to Terrence Hurssey, director of facilities management and capital projects, the ongoing renovations began on July 10 and is scheduled to be completed on Oct. 8, 2018, which is 455 calendar days.

The architect for the project is Gary Shafer and Associates PLLC. Shafer and Associates recently completed construction on James Hall and the first phase of Friendship Manor (old president’s home). The general contractor for the project is Timbo’s Construction, Inc. from Cleveland.

The residence hall project was initially postponed due to budgeting concerns.

 “The project was estimated at a certain number and after talking to the architect and the Bureau of Buildings we had to increase the number for the construction costs,” said Hurssey.

“After receiving the construction bids the numbers came in favorably for what we had allocated for the project which was around $7.4 million and so now it’s an active project,” Hurssey added.

Acting university president Dr. Jerryl Briggs feels the move to get Edna Horton back in operation is essential to moving Mississippi Valley State forward.

“Our student housing capacity needs to expand and by bringing Edna Horton online as soon as possible will allow us to be able to provide a more quality living space for our students because they deserve it,” said Briggs.

“In today’s market we know part of student satisfaction is centered on their campus experience and definitely includes where they live. We want to make sure our students have a community that is state of the art that really brings that living experience to life,” he added.

Edna Horton was originally a women’s residence hall, which the administration pulled offline in 2013 when a large section of the exterior brick dislodged from the building.

“Because of structural concerns, the building was evacuated. We later learned that the brick veneer was not installed correctly based on the building code at that time,” said Hurssey.

In the current project the entire exterior of the building will be replaced. This includes: new brick veneer, windows and a new roof. 

Because the building is listed on the Archive and History Certificate it will look similar to the original building when completed.

There will be full lighting upgrades inside the building and new elevators with all mechanical systems upgraded.

“The restrooms were completed in 2011 and will not be a part of the current renovations,” said Hurssey.

Hurssey said at this present moment large furniture and equipment is being moved out and environmental abatement is underway.