College Hall I Set for Completion by 2018

August 16, 2016

According to Terrence Hurssey, director of capital projects and interim director of facilities management, College Hall I renovations are taking a little longer than expected due to unanticipated environmental concerns.  

“Asbestos was found on the brick veneers,” said Hurssey. “This caused us to extend the project because we had to abate the building of all asbestos containing material.” 

The renovation process began in 2015.  

The budget had already been set for construction according to previous construction jobs until asbestos was found.  A large sum was taken away from the original budget for the abatement process. 

“Funding sources that were allocated for construction had to be used to correct the environmental concerns, subsequently we had to increase the budget,” continued Hurssey. 

He also said the building has to undergo two phases before construction begins. “The first phase was abatement and demolition,” he continued. “We have completed the design development phase and starting the construction documents phase.”

“The construction documents should be ready by Sept. 1,” added Hurssey. 

Although the renovation process is a bit lengthy, College Hall I is expected to feature laundry rooms, hard wood floors, computer labs and improved exterior and interior lighting. 

 “It is going to be completely redesigned,” said Hurssey. “It will look very similar to Magnolia Hall.” 

Because of College Hall I’s historical significance, the structure of the building will remain similar to the old structure. 

 “The building is going to be practically new with the exception of the roof and the foundation,” continued Hurssey. 

The building is expected to be completed by fall 2018.