Requirements - Two Dimensional Design

The Department of Fine Arts offers the Bachelor of Arts Degree with an emphasis in Two Dimensional Design and Graphic Design.  The Art Program is equipped to support all facets of the art curriculum.  The Johnston Gallery exhibits the works of students, faculty, and artists from various communities through the world.

The freshman year experience in the Art Program serves to heighten the students’ visual awareness and enhance their capacity for creative problem solving and visual expression.  In the freshman year, students are confronted with problems and exercises where they engage in drawing, three-dimensional design, two dimensional design, and color mixing and coordination processes.  The first year coursework thus enhances the students’ capabilities to successfully complete upper level coursework.

The focus of the remaining three years of the program is upon establishing a student’s personal direction and mode of artistic expression.  This will mean choosing between Graphic Design, which focuses primarily on the use of computer programs for the creation of designs for commercial applications and Two Dimensional Design, which enables students to explore a variety of concepts, processes, and media for the purpose of enhancing their ability to express themselves as visual artists in a variety of venues.  Most of the coursework involves proficiency in the use of a variety of traditional art media for personal expression. However, certain electives will give Two Dimensional majors opportunity to explore art using computer technology.

The Art History area complements all facets of the program by providing an orientation in the historical significance as well as the conceptual and theoretical basis of the visual arts.  It enables the student to effectively articulate their work ad to relate their work to the culture as a whole.