Elementary Education, English Education,Mathematics Education, Music Education, Science Education, and Social Sciences Education are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

Mississippi Valley State University's Teacher Education Department received initial NCATE accreditation in 1980.

CAEP Annual Reporting Measure

CAEP( Council fo rthe Accredittaion of Educator Prpeparation) has eight annual reporting measures  which are used  to provide information to the public on both program oucome and program impact.

 Following is the  list  of the CAEP  measures with links to data tables that provide supporting evidence for each measure.

Annual Reports- Reports provided to CAEP on the EPP from 2015-2018.

2015   Annual report

2016  Annual Report

2017   Annual Report  

2018  Annual Report

Impact of completer's teaching on P-12 learning and development
Teaching Effectiveness Indicators
Results of Employer surveys
Results of  completer surveys
Graduation rates from program
Ability of completers to meet licensing requirements
completer employment data

Praxis/Title II reports


Student Loan Default rates -university wide rate of default on student loans for the years 2012-2015, based on data provided by the Office of Finaicial Aid  retrieved from  the Office of Federal STudent Aid.

Tuition Cost  per year of enrollmennt. Provided by the Office of Finacial Aid.