Cafeteria Plan

The University as a Flexible/Cafeteria Plan which was established under provisions of Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code. The Cafeteria Plan allows employees to pay certain insurance premiums, major un-reimbursed medical expenses before tax rather than after tax dollars. Employees may choose to participate in the plan at the time of employment or at the annual enrollment that is held in October each year.

Employees who choose to participate in the Flexible Benefits/Cafeteria plan must agree to remain in the plan for the plan year (January1 through December31). The only exception to this rule involves having a major change in family status such as employment, marriage, divorce, death, or ineligible dependents.

Learn more benefits associated with flexible spending accounts (i.e. plan limits, what is considered an eligible expense, approved period for incurring expenses, reimbursement request deadline, etc) in the Summary Plan Description.

Southern Administrators and Benefits Consultants, Inc. is the third party administrator of the Flexible Benefits/Cafeteria plan. To access form(s) please visit: