MA Rural Public Policy & Planning

Program Coordinator's Message


Thank you for your interest in the Rural Public Policy and Planning Program at MVSU. 

Our students are interested in transforming rural problems, possess an analytical mind, and have a curiosity about how they can improve their communities. Do these characteristics sound like you? Then, we want YOU to apply today!

Since 2007, the Master of Arts Program in Rural Public Policy remains a leader in innovative education. The Master of Arts program in Rural Public Policy and Planning is a unique program that provides a wealth of knowledge from faculty members who are experts in their fields. Our program is a two-year program that prepares students to grasp complicated public problems and craft precise solutions, especially for rural communities. During the two-years, students can choose a concentration area that fits closely to their future goals:

The following concentrations are available:

Upon completion, our students can work in public, administrative, or professional capacities. Many students pursue doctoral studies in public policy, planning, administration, and management. Here are a few job titles that our students currently hold:

  • County Tax Assessor 
  • Director of Sponsored Research
  • Community Project Manager 
  • Director of Student Records 
  • County Fire Chief
  • City Fire Chief 
  • Education Coordinator

We are anxiously waiting to meet you and help you achieve your future goals for more information about our graduate program in Rural Public Policy and Planning.

Please contact: Dr. Richard Mushi
Rural Public Policy and Planning Coordinator 
by phone at 662-254-3352/3357/3547 or
Email at: