BS History



The mission of the History program is to produce graduates, who have a foundational knowledge of United States history; who have general exposure to the history of other world areas; who can engage in scholarly historical research; and who can express their research conclusions in well constructed written papers. Graduates of the program have the historical knowledge and communication skills needed to pursue careers in teaching or private sector employment as well as graduate training in history and related fields. To obtain a bachelor’s degree, a student must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours. These include 39 hours of HI core and HI elective course hours.



The objectives of this program are:

• To provide students with the foundational knowledge of history and the critical understanding necessary to allow them to effectively contribute to an increasingly complex and culturally diverse national society;

  • To promote historical reasoning skills through source comparison and analysis; and
  • To produce graduates with an understanding of and ability to pose sound historical questions and use primary and secondary sources to generate scholarly research papers to answer these questions.


Dr. Kathryn Green


Professor of History & Coordinator of History


Dr. Micah Rueber



Associate Professor of History & Coordinator of General Studies and University Studies















History Requirements

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