Integrated Social Sciences (BA)

Integrated Social Sciences

The Social Sciences Department is excited to announce the launch of its new Integrated Social Sciences degree.  This program consists of courses in Sociology, History, and Government & Politics.  All students will complete a common ISS core and courses from each discipline but will also choose one or more of these fields as their primary emphasis.  This interdisciplinary approach is designed to prepare students for both graduate study and their future employment plans.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that today’s college graduates will likely change not just jobs but careers several times.  The ISS degree prepares students for this future by emphasizing those skills – specifically, the ability to think critically and communicate effectively - that will be valuable regardless of career.


Government and Politics Minor

The Government and Politics at Mississippi Valley State University offers a well-rounded minor that offers courses in political science and public administration. In each course, the aim is to include innovative pedagogies and content that reflects the latest scholarship. The program is dedicated to offering academic extracurricular activities that enhance the in-class experiences in the program. G&P minors in the ISS degree program should leave with the ability to think, read, write, and calculate at the appropriate level. Students should also be able to understand and practice good citizenship. Students completing government and politics minor receive broad training in six subfields – American Government and Politics, Comparative Government and Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, Public Law, and Public Administration. The minor seeks to prepare students to serve as entry-level professionals in administrative careers in government, public service agencies, and non-profit organizations or to pursue graduate studies to secure advanced administrative placements or academic appointments.

History Minor 

The mission of the History minor is to produce graduates, who have a foundational knowledge of United States history; who have general exposure to the history of other world areas; who can engage in scholarly historical research; and who can express their research conclusions in well constructed written papers. Graduates with a History minor have the historical knowledge and communication skills needed to pursue careers in teaching or private sector employment as well as graduate training in history and related fields. 

The objectives of this minor are:

• To provide students with the foundational knowledge of history and the critical understanding necessary to allow them to effectively contribute to an increasingly complex and culturally diverse national society;

  • To promote historical reasoning skills through source comparison and analysis; and
  • To produce graduates with an understanding of and ability to pose sound historical questions and use primary and secondary sources to generate scholarly research papers to answer these questions.

Sociology Minor

The Sociology minor seeks to prepare students with the knowledge, tools, and skills to develop an appreciation of a poly-cultural and complex social, political, and economic environment and the ability to engage in critical social analysis.

The objectives of this minor are:

  • To expose students to theories, issues, and perspectives relevant to the study of sociological theory.
  • To provide the tools for independent critical analysis, integration, and creative expression.
  • To prepare graduates with the skills to engage in social research at a level that qualifies them for entry into graduate school and professional employment.