General Studies (BA)

Program Objectives

The objectives of the degree program are to allow students to finish their degrees in a timely manner, to allow for wide flexibility in designing an intellectually stimulating program of study, to tailor studies carefully to meet the work requirements and career goals of students, and to maintain academic integrity by coordinating advisement with programs from which students will draw their concentrations.

Program Administration

Chairs/Advisors will be responsible for advising students and monitoring their progress in consultation with the departments and programs from which a student will select his or her concentrations. Graduation clearance can be completed either by the Coordinator of General Studies within the Social Sciences Department or by an advisor within another Department, but the degree will be awarded within the Department of Social Sciences.

Admissions Requirements

Students must have completed 90 hours of study before declaring a General Studies major. All persons declaring the major must be in good academic standing with the University. New Students, Re-admit Students, and Transfer Students declaring the General Studies degree will have met the same requirements as those for general admission to the University. No degree will be undertaken without consultation with and approval by departmental Chairs. Students will select two or three concentrations drawn from majors and minors across the campus. Students may select majors from the same department when available. Neither Education, nor Social Work may be selected as concentrations.

Total Hours Required

At least 120 semester hours with passing grades, a 2.00 cumulative overall grade point average, and a 2.00 GPA within each concentration must be completed for the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree.

Total Grade Points

A student must attain an overall 2.00 grade point average on all course work taken at the postsecondary level to attain the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree.

Advanced Work Requirement

At least 30 of the semester hours applied to the degree program must be at the 300 or 400 level.

Concentrations in General Studies

In addition to the general core curriculum, a General Studies degree consists of two or three concentrations selected from within the undergraduate course offerings at Mississippi Valley State University.

3-Concentration Option

  • Core Curriculum - 39/40 credit hours*
  • Three Concentrations - 54 credit hours
  • Electives - 26 credit hours

2-Concentration Option

  • Core Curriculum - 39/40 credit hours*
  • Two Concentrations - 36 credit hours
  • Electives in Concentrations- 6 credit hours
  • Electives - 38 credit hours

Program Concentrations Offered

Applied Technology
Business Administration
Criminal Justice
Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Computer Science
International Relations
Political Science
Public Administration
Public Relations
Speech Communications

*Structured Program Concentrations

In structured concentrations, students must take courses as prescribed below. In all other concentrations, the student may choose her or his courses in any combination so long as at least 30 hours from among the three selected concentrations is at the 300 level or above.