Pre-Law / Legal Studies


The Pre-Law/ Legal Studies Program at Mississippi Valley State University offers a well-rounded program of study to majors seeking a broad understanding of the legal systems and preparation for careers in law and law-related fields. The program is dedicated to offering academic extracurricular activities that enhance the in-class experiences in the program, especially through completion in nationally sanctioned mock trial competition.


The Pre-Law/Legal Studies degree is a multi-disciplinary course of study examining the interpretation, politics, and administration of the law. It includes perspectives from business administration, criminal justice, history, political science, public administration, and mass communication. It focuses on developing skills in reading, writing, speaking and critical thinking - skills that are foundational for law school.

The legal system affects nearly every aspect of society, from individuals buying their first home to businesses expanding in international markets. Legal studies, or pre-law, fosters a more complete understanding of basic legal concepts and prepares students whether they intend to attend law school or simply wish to pursue graduate studies or successful careers. To obtain a bachelor’s degree, a student must complete a minimum of 122 credit hours.


  1. Students in Pre-Law/Legal Studies will develop skills in critical thinking, reading and writing.
  2. Students in Pre-Law/Legal Studies will acquire a basic understanding of the operations of legal systems in the United States and throughout the world.
  3. Students in the major will take four years of Legal Advocacy and Critical Reasoning and participate on the University Mock Trial Team.
  4. Students in the program will take an internship with local attorneys introducing them to the day to day operation of the legal field.
  5. Students in Pre-law/Legal Studies should either enter productive employment or proceed to graduate or professional schools.
  6. Students in Pre-law/Legal Studies should engage in significant academic extracurricular activities. These activities could include maintaining membership in The Pre-Law Club and attending and presenting at professional meetings.

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