Goals and SLOs

The Department's Objectives in Art

  • The ability to think originally, inventively, and within the creative possibilities of the artist’s media;
  • An understanding of the theoretical functions and historical background of the visual arts;
  • Excellence in the techniques and skills that are presented by artists;
  • Sharpened visual awareness and sensitivity of observation;
  • Comprehension of the society and culture that the artist inherits and the artist’s responsibility;
  • Discernment in the judgment of values, both in art and life in general; and
  • Dedication to the mission of the artist.

The Department’s Objectives in Music

  • To offer the curricula, instruction, and experiences that are necessary for the preparation of undergraduate music majors for employment in music and for graduate study;
  • To advise each music major in selecting a course of study;
  • To provide services to other areas;
  • To give music majors opportunities to hear and perform music of diverse styles;
  • To teach music majors to interpret scores;
  • To provide educational opportunities in music for non-music majors through participation in courses in music appreciation, history, theory, applied music, and large and small ensembles;
  • To assist incoming students in becoming fully prepared to function at the level normally expected of freshmen music majors; and
  • To contribute to the community’s cultural and educational offerings through concerts, recitals, and various presentations by the music faculty, students, and guest artists.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

  • Students will recognize music theory concepts.
  • Students will describe important Western Musical Eras by areas of significance. 
  • Students recognize a broad range of musical repertoire.
  • Students will demonstrate functional keyboard proficiency.
  • Students must demonstrate high levels of knowledge in music performance sufficient enough to teach their instrument/voice.