Degree Programs

     The Department of Fine Arts offers undergraduate degrees in Music and Visual Arts. Additionally, the Department offers all MVSU students the opportunity to participate in both academic and artistic experiences in the arts through electives, ensembles, and required appreciation courses in arts and music. Students may elect to minor in either of the degree tracks. Because the creative process involves dialogue between teacher and student, programs are structured to allow for individual attention. All programs provide a broad liberal arts education as well as specialized professional training from highly qualified faculty. The acting chair of the department in Dr. Kimberly Broadwater.

     The Music program provides undergraduate programs in music and music education, and offers cultural opportunities for the University and the community. The programs' offerings are available to all segments of the population-students and the community. The academic program in music provides opportunities for concentrated study in music leading to the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Music Education degrees. Music majors will choose a concentration of instrumental music, vocal music, keyboard music, or music composition. Taking courses outside the concentration are encouraged to become a well-rounded musician. Opportunities to pursue musical study are also available to non-music majors, pre-college music students, and the general public. The music coordinator is Dr. Ed Morse.

     The Art program offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design or Two-Dimensional Design. The primary mission of the program is to provide students with a comprehensive educational experience in aesthetics. The program strives to enrich the cultural life of the University and the surrounding communities. The art program's offerings are available to all segments of the population. The Johnston Gallery furthers the art program's aim of meeting the educational needs of the total University community by providing educational and culturally enriching art exhibitions that can be utilized as a teaching tool and a source of inspiration for practicing artists. The art coordinator is Spence Townsend