Physical Operations


  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
    Facility cleaning and sanitation has been completed in accordance with CDC guidelines.  Furtherance of cleaning and disinfecting is done daily by General Service personnel.  Each department will be provided sanitizing supplies for employees to clean commonly used surfaces (copier, light switches, door handles etc.). Facilities Management will supply areas (distribution to be determined) with additional sanitizing spray and paper towels. It is expected that employees comply with helping keep personal office spaces and shared workspaces disinfected. Employees are welcomed to use personal disinfecting supplies.  It is important to use non bleach products that may cause damage to University furnishing and carpets, etc.
  • Considerations for Usage of Office Dividers
    In cases of areas with high traffic, dividers (plexiglass) will be utilized to limit the spread of germs and personal contact during peak encounters and areas that may experience a high volume of visitors.
  • Entering and Exiting Campus/Buildings
    Employees will enter and exit through designated areas of each campus facility. This will also mean that alternate doors will be locked for control measures.  Appropriate signage will be placed at each building with information concerning room/area capacity along with social distancing and PPE measures.
  • Campus Guest/Visitors
    Campus guest and visitors must obtain prior approval (confirmed appointment) from the prospective office before visiting the worksite.  Guest and visitors will be subject to temperature check and screening.