Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Begins October 1st

Open Enrollment is the period of time when employees may apply to enroll in insurance plans and make changes to existing benefit elections. The Open Enrollment begins October 1st and ends October 31st.

• Delta Dental
• Vision
• Life Insurance
• 2017-Health Insurance Application-For-Coverage

During open enrollment, all regular (non-temporary employees) may:

Apply to enroll in the dental, health, and vision insurance plans

  • Apply to enroll in supplemental insurance products with American Fidelity, AFLAC and AFLAC Group
  • Add or drop a spouse or dependent
  • Apply to enroll in the Section 125 Cafeteria Plan that is designed to provide you a choice between taxable and non-taxable benefits

Instructions for completing enrollment forms, please visit our website for each insurance plan for completing enrollment applications. Online enrollment will be available on October 2, 2017, for the Cafeteria Plan and Delta Dental and any other insurance plans can be enrolled by appointment or attendance at benefits fair.

Also in the upcoming months, the Know Your Benefits Newsletter will be mailed to the home of active employees currently enrolled in the State and School Employees’ Health Insurance Plan. Please be sure to read the newsletter in its entirety to better understand any upcoming Benefit Changes surrounding the following:

  • Coverage for Dietitian Services
  • Amwell - Online Doctor Visits for Plan Participants
  • Modify Preventive Wellness Services
  • Prescription Drug Coverage

The effective coverage date will be January 1, 2018. Each benefit insurance premium will be deducted in the December 2017 payroll