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Helpdesk Policy & Procedure

MVSU Email & Computer Account Wi-Fi Login Instructions

The office of information Technology is the primary information-technology provider on the campus of Mississippi Valley State University. We are responsible
for the following:

  1. Campus-wide networking
  2. Email
  3. Network security
  4. PC Computing
  5. Wireless networking
  6. Webcast services
  7. Virus protection
  8. Cable televison services
  9. Telephone service
  10. Help Desk sevice desk

Department Mission

The mission of the Office of Information Technology is to provide technology leadership to the entire University by providing state-of- the-art technology infrastructure amd institutional technology systems that support and enhance successsful student learning outcomes, research and institional effectiveness.

Mississippi Valley State University Information Technology Department Help Desk Procedures

The office of Information Technology is responsible for the network infrastructure, telephone, and cable TV, wireless phone communications: the University’s Enterprise Resource Programs: and academic, email and enterprise software systems.   Help Desk support is available  at the Mississippi Valley state University Information Technology Department on the campus located in the Annex I Building from the hours 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Proper protocal and procesdure for requesting assistant is as follows. The following services and support which are available for  helpdesk includes the following email setup, domain account setup, and work orders for computers, internet,software installations,network server, cable and other technicial problems on the University Campus. The following services may be requested through by sending an email to

Technincans are dispateched every morning with  assigned work orders.

Mississippi Valley State University Technology Department value the security and privacy of the information concerning the university and its employees.

Priority List and Dispatch procedures are as follows:

  1. President Office (immediately)
  2. Network Server problems technicians are dispatched immediately
  3. Internet problems our technicians can login remote to check and see if the customers’ computers are on line at that time or they can check to see if something else is going on with the device.
  4. Email and Domain problems are resolved right away
  5. Email password resets are done immediately
  6. Domain password resets are done immediately
  7. Creations of email account are done immediately
  8. Customers with software installed issues are created a work order and a technician is dispatched accordingly.
  9. Work orders have assigned numbers and the technicians follows them according to the order that the work order was setup.

Mississippi Valley State University Technology Team:

Assistant Director/Application Manager: Ms. Carmela Staten
Network Manager: Mr. Steven Pitchford
Secretary: Ms. Debra Boyd
Network Service Technician: Brian Phillips
Information Technology Specialist: Mrs. Jamese Young
Programmer: Ms. Carrissa Pruitt
Webmaster: Mr. Dewon Hall
AV Operator/Computer Technician: Vacant


Our Goals:
The information Technology Department Goal is to provide quality customer service to the university community and guests

  1. To make sure that the campus Technology runs smooth and all technical problems are taken care at a timely manner.
  2. Give quality service and go above expectations for the faculty, staff, and students.
  3. One Goal
  4. One Team
  5. One Valley
  6.  In Motion
  7.  Technology above the rest

Technology Problems on Campus:

  1. Computer won’t start
  2. Computer running slow
  3. Internet not working
  4. Phone not working
  5. Forgotten password for domain and email
  6. Trying to get information from one computer to another
  7. L-Drive not showing up or working
  8. Need software installed on computers
  9. Computer labs setup
  10. Forgotten Banner Passwords