Department of Natural Sciences and Environmental Health

Master of Science in Environmental Health (MSEH) 

Master of Science in Environmental Health (MSEH) is an interdisciplinary program that has roots in several allied branches of science. Students who pursue the field will benefit from attaining the knowledge and practical skills needed for the industry, academia, and government sectors. Students will also enjoy the expertise of faculty members who practiced the field of environmental health and sciences for many years. In the second half of the program, students will have to perform the internship and/or thesis work related to the field with the help of an on-campus or offsite mentor. Internship or thesis experience will help the student in advancing the career in chosen areas of environmental health. Currently, students complete a 43 credit hour rigorous curriculum that takes up to 24-30 months of preparation. Each student will choose an advisor within a semester of admittance into the program. It is a general consensus that students entering the program will have a background in basic natural sciences. Those students who do not meet the general requirements are advised to take courses in natural sciences that help them to develop the background necessary in the field.