1. To provide all students in the University with basic courses in composition and world literature;
  2. To prepare students for a teaching career in middle and high schools;
  3. To prepare students for graduate study in English and related fields;
  4. To develop in students analytical and communication abilities in the study of languages and literature; and
  5. To develop skills in foreign languages.

Objectives of English Graduates: 

  1. The student will perform the fundamentals of literary research and employ the appropriate tools available to students as seekers of textual knowledge:
    • Locate appropriate sources
    • Evaluate resources
    • Synthesize information from various sources
    • Integrate the information from sources into composition
  2. The student should be able to compose a coherent, well-written essay
  3. The student will demonstrate understanding of the cultural values and the deeper understanding of human nature and its attendant ethical perplexities that literary study invites.

 Objectives of English Education Graduates:

  1. The English education major should be able to recognize and utilize successful teaching strategies in the teaching of English as a discipline.
  2. The student should be able to demonstrate an awareness of multi-cultural and diversity in a variety of texts.
  3. The student should be able to reflect upon their own academic artifacts and evaluate their improvement and their current skills level.