Community Service Requirement

Community service is a requirement for graduation beginning with the incoming Freshman class of 2003. Students must satisfy a minimum of 15 hours per year, for a total of 60 hours required for graduation. All community service activities, whether completed during the regular school year, or during vacation periods, must have prior approval of the Community Service/Service Learning director.

Hours accumulated for community service should be submitted to the Community Service/Service Learning Office by the deadline for submission that will be listed on the University calendar. No pending time sheets will be verified after that date. Appropriate forms will be made available to students for documentation of service.

Community Service Requirement
Freshman Year 15 hours (7.5 hours per semester)
Sophomore Year 15 hours (7.5 hours per semester)
Junior Year 15 hours (7.5 hours per semester)
Senior Year 15 hours (7.5 hours per semester)
Total Hours 60 hours

Transfer students will be required to complete 40 community service hours as a graduation requirement beginning Fall 2003.

For more information, visit the Community and Service Leaning Web Page.