Mississippi Valley State University

July 26, 2016

SACS Self Study


Dr. K Broadwater, Chair

Dr. Mack Felton, Advisor

Dr. Daphne Matthews, Secretary

Mr. Lee Redmond

Dr. Faye Avard

Dr. Bruce J. Rose

Dr. Kathryn Green

Dr. Mary Alice Jennings

Ms. Linda Davis

Dr. Udai Kudikayla

The Committee is in the process of establishing objectives for General Education Core Curriculum as outlined on page 34 of MVSU catalog 2004-06. Once objectives are established, the Committee plans to delineate competencies for each objective followed by methods/approaches to assess student learning outcomes. The Committee meets every Wednesday at 2 p.m. in SACS conference room. Faculty member who teach General Education courses should take special interest and offer input.


Dr. Jess Brookhart, Chairperson

Dr. Chukwuma S. Ahanonu

Dr. Garfield Burke

Dr. Celia Williams

Dr. Raymond Williams

Dr. Bertha Ealey

Dr. Esin Turk

Dr. Vincent Venturini

Ms. Sharon Freeman

Dr. Dae Sung Lee

This Committee is in the process of establishing guidelines for reviewing and assessing program objectives and plan on student learning outcomes assessment which each academic department will submit later this semester. They are also studying how to assess student learning outcomes for courses using non-conventional modes of teaching/learning such as short-term intensive courses, on-line courses, interactive video-conferencing courses, etc. This Committee meets every Wednesday at 1 p.m. in SACS Conference Room.

Efforts for Academic and Administrative Support Units

The academic and administrative support units encompass all units on this campus with exception of academic programs. The Program Review and Assessment Committee, which was formed last spring, will work on developing specific guidelines for these units. This Committee is to coordinate campus wide efforts on assessment and evaluation activities.

Members of the Program Review and Assessment Committee are:

Dr. C.J. Lee, Chairperson

Dr. Larry Chappell

Ms. Sharon Freeman

Ms. Shirley Grayson

Dr. Marvin Haire

Dr. Rickey Hill

Dr. Dae S. Lee

Mr. Walter Simms

Dr. Ying Wang

Dr. Celia Williams

Dr. Bruce J. Rose, Ex-Officio

For Review: "The Recourse Manual For The Principles of Accreditation: Foudnation for Quality Enhancement" from SACS-COC website located at http://www.SACSCOC.ORG.

Contact Dr. C.J. Lee at cjlee1@mvsu.edu

Office: 662.254.3811 or 662.254.3811.