Mississippi Valley State University

May 26, 2016

International Programs

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14000 Highway 82 West, Box 5209
Kathie Stromile Golden, Director
Cristina Radulescu, Assistant to Director/International Student Advisor
Tel: 662-254-3092
Fax: 662-254-3031
Email: cr_mvsu@yahoo.com
Kstromile@aol.com or kstromile2000@yahoo.com

The Office of International Programs seeks to facilitate the internationalization of Mississippi Valley State University.  Universities are by necessity, rooted in a particular place and society.  Yet, they must constantly seek to forge links across cultures, to broaden knowledge, and to meet varied responsibilities to society.  MVSU responds to these demands by connecting to diverse cultures, societies and landscapes, and meeting responsibilities inherent in serving the needs of a varied constituency that includes an increasing international student population.  To do this, the University must also be a global institution engaged in issues and roles that transcend borders and embrace diversity.  Our students, our research and our commitment to service needs to be informed, challenged and enthused by the links between our international and local perspectives.

Internationalization of MVSU implies adopting an international dimension into the key functions of our institutions.  It means a deliberate transformation of how we conduct research, teach our students, learn from each other and how we are of service to our communities.  Internationalization must be based on a commitment to work toward reducing the inequities that exist both among and within nations, respect for cultural diversity and environmental health, and protection for diverse forms of knowledge and local resources and initiatives.