Mississippi Valley State University

July 26, 2016

Physical Facilities of the University

Academic Skills - Communication Complex
Ashley Ambrose Devil's Den
Fielding L. Wright Science Building
H.M. Ivy Cafeteria

Harry G. Carpenter Administration Building

Industrial Technology Building
Jacob Aron Student Union Building
Charles R. Lackey Recreation Center
James Herbert White Library
Lois Aran Mediation Chapel
Lucile Petry Leone Building
L.S. Rogers Building
Mass Transit
MVSU Baseball Complex
MVSU Softball Complex
Noble R. Frisby Building
Olympia P. Lowe Education Complex
Rice-Totten Stadium
Robert W. Harrison Health
Physical Education and Recreation Complex
Student Union Annex
Student Health Center
W.A. Butts Social Science Building
Walter Sillers Fine Arts Building
William W. Sutton Administration Building
Willie Malone Physical Plant