Mississippi Valley State University

July 30, 2016



  • Training is obtained after the purchasing card application is received and processed by the Purchasing Department.
  • Cardholder training can be obtained by completing the online training, or by training in-person in our office.  All Cardholders must obtain training before the Purchasing Card can be picked up.
  • Possession of the Purchasing Card must take place within 90 days of training.

Online Training:

  • A Cardholder may obtain training online material (Individual/Supervisor). This method is self paced and may take more or less time than in-person training. Training must be completed before a card can be obtained. Completion of the training will be verified by the Purchasing Department.

Transaction Log Completion Process:

  • The P & T Card Transaction Log must be completed at the beginning of every month if the card has been used in the month prior.  A seperated transaction must be uses for each banner Org. Number that is in use by the Department, also fore each card.  P & T-Card expenditures must not be combined.  An example of the completion of the Transaction Log can be viewed by clicking on the highlighted of this paragraph.

In-Person Training:

  • In-person Purchasing Card training takes place in the Purchasing Department; W. W. Sutton Building 1st Floor.  Training takes approximately one hour.