Mississippi Valley State University

July 30, 2016

Summer Development Aid

Summer Developmental Program

What is the Summer Developmental Program?

The Summer Developmental Program is a nine-week program offered through Mississippi's eight public universities designed to enhance the academic skills of students who do not meet the criteria for admission to one of the state's public universities. 

SDP Term and Dates

The nine-week term will begin immediately following Memorial Day.  Students must be enrolled for the entire term to receive credit.

Summer 2010 - June 2 - July 30

Financial Aid___________________________________________

Financial assistance is available for the Summer Developmental Program.  Students are eligible to receive Federal (Pell Grant, Stafford Loans) and State(Summer Devlopment Grant) Aid to assist them with covering the cost of tuition, room and board, and books for the Summer Developmental Program.  Students must:

  • Complete an Application for Admission to the university
  • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the current year(i.e.-2009-2010) at www.fafsa.gov;
  • Complete and submit the MVSU Summer School Application to the Office of Student Financial Aid and,
  • Complete the Summer Developmental Grant Application no later than the first Monday in June to meet eligibility at www.ihl.state.ms.us/financialaid/default.asp to the Mississippi Office of State Financial Aid.  The application and additional information about the Summer Developmental Grant can also be found at www.mississippi.edu/riseup.  

Summer Development Program Fees

 The following is an approximate cost of the nine(9) week Summer Developmental Program

                                                 Resident                       Non-Resident

Tuition and Fees                    $2,287.44                   $2,287.44

Housing(Room)                          873.09                        839.09

Board(Meals)                             714.68                        714.68    

Books                                       300.00                         300.00

TOTAL                                               $4,175,21                        $7,592.93

Eligibility Requirements for Summer Developemental Grant Applicants:

General Requirements

  • Be a legal resident of the State of Mississippi
  • Must not have earned 24 or more credit hours at a college or university
  • Must complete the on-line Mississippi Summer Developmental Grant Application no later than July 21 at www.ihl.state.ms.us/financialaid/default.asp
  • Not currently be in default on a Federal or State education loan or owe a repayment on a Federal or State grant; and
  • Must be accepted and attend(first time attendee), on a full-time basis, the Mississippi Summer Developmental Program.  Full time is defined as no less than twelve (12) hours;
  • Must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Must demonstrate financial need after all other grant/gift aid has been applied, and prior to the certification of any federal loan application

Application Period - January 1- July 21 each year

Supporting Documents are due by July 31

Course Credits

Students participating in the Summer Developmental Program will enroll in four(4) three-hour courses, for a total course load of twelve(12) semester hours.  The courses will not count toward degree requirements at any of Mississippi's eight institutions.  The SDP courses are:

  • Developmental English
  • Developmental Reading
  • Developmental Mathematics
  • Learning Skills Laboratory

The Curriculum

Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning adopted texts and syllabi will be used for their Reading, English, and Mathematics courses.  The learning skills laboratory will focus on academic skills development in the same subjects as well as other college readiness areas, such as test taking and study skills.  Computer-assisted tutorials and learning skills development will be used for laboratroy sections, consistent with academic support programs. 

Academic Support

Students who successfully complete this curriculum will be granted full admission to the university beginning the fall term, but are required to participate in the Academic Support Program during their freshman year. 

Computerized Placement Tests(ACCUPLACER)

ACCUPLACER is an assessment which can help students identify their academic strengths and needs to assist in planning an appropriate schedule of course work at Mississippi Valley State University.  The ACCUPLACER score will become part of a statewide database and will be tracked according to summer grades.   

Program Expectations

Students are expected to meet program expectations of academic honesty, daily attendance, full participation, completion of assignments, and appropriate classroom conduct. 


Grading Scale

A- Excellent            

B - Good

C - Average

D - Poor

A grade of 'D' or above is a passing grade.  The standard for the passing grade 'D' should mean that the student is ready for intermediate level Algebra, Reading and English in the Fall term with continued academic support.