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July 30, 2016

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Application for Graduate Admission

"The Valley of Scholars"

The following are the requirements needed in addition to the graduate application for entrance into a Master degree program at Mississippi Valley State University. You will need a letter to go with each recommendation form, so you will need a total of 3 each (3 recommendation forms and 3 recommendation letters). In addition you will also need an official transcript from every university or community college you've attended, Your GRE or GMAT scores, or a copy of your Praxis scores if applying to MAT or any other education field, or a copy of your registration confirmation, confirming that you have registered to take the GRE or Praxis before your desired entrance semester, a personal statement from you about why you want to pursue a Master's degree in the field you are applying to and how it will be beneficial for you, etc. Also, if interested in pursuing a master’s in social work, MSW has separate application procedures, in addition to the application process for graduate school that must be completed before being qualified for acceptance into the program. For information on these procedures please contact the social work department at (662) 254-3365. If you have any more questions feel free to contact Ms. Knight at (662)254-3439. institution.

Please select the type of Admission that you are seeking:

Section I:

Student ID or SSN#:
Last Name: First Name:Middle Initial:
Other Name(s) in which transcript may be listed:

Present Address:
Street: City: State: Zip:

Permanent Address:
If same as above check this box:
Street: City: State: Zip:
Contact Number:

E-Mail: MVSU E-mail Address:
Country: State of Residence: County:


Race: Marital Status: Date of Birth:

This information is used for statistical purposes and to provide statistical information required by the US Department of Education in accordance with applicable federal regulations. You are not required to answer these questions; however, an answer would be appreciated.

Section II:
Please use correct information:
Colleges Attended (Most Recent First)DatesTotal Semester HoursCum GPADegrees

When do you plan to enroll in graduate school? Fall 20 Spring 20 Summer-1 Summer-2

Have you had your transcripts for former institutions sent to MVSU?

Have you had your immunization records sent to MVSU? (For non-MVSU undergraduate students)

Are you a former MVSU Student?
If yes, what year did you attend/graduate?

Are you presently on suspension from another college or university?
If yes, specify:

Do you plan to attend:

*(Upon completing nine hours, requirements for regular admission to a graduate program will have to be met to continue.)

Section III:

Masters of Science In Criminal JusticeMaster of Science in Environmental Health
Masters of Science in Elementary EducationMasters of Science in Special Eduation
Masters of Arts in TeachingMasters of Science in Bioinformatics
Masters of Social WorkNon-Degree/Special Student Status (9 hrs)
Masters of Arts in Rural Public Policy and PlanningMasters of Business Administration


GREDate Taken: Score: *(Criminal Justice & Environmental Health Requirement)
Praxis IDate Taken: Score: *(Education Department Requirement)
Praxis IIDate Taken: Score: *(Education Department Requirement)
TOEFLDate Taken: Score: *(International Student Requirement)
NTEDate Taken: Score: *(Contact our Education Department for clarity)
GMATDate Taken: Score: *(Contact our Office for clarity)


Nation of Citizenship:

Which type of visa do you have or expect to receive?
If Other, please specify:

List three persons who are qualified to certify as to your abilities and character and ask them to submit a letter of recommendation.

1. Relation:



I hereby apply for admission to Mississippi Valley State University. I agree to abide by the University’s rules and regulations. I also declare that the information on this application is complete and accurate. Falsification of information on this form is grounds for automatic dismissal from the University.