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July 27, 2016

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Two Bioinformatics Students Participate in Conferences

April 09, 2014

As a part of their commitment of developing confident undergraduate and graduate students, the Department of Natural Sciences and Environmental Health at Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU) sent two of its graduate students to present at major conferences in March. Jenaelle Coleman and Shreyansh Chaudhary worked with Drs. Charles Bland and Abigail Newsome, bioinformatics faculty, in preparation for the conferences.  

“The research conducted by both Jenaelle and Chaudhary are indications of the ability of MVSU's bioinformatics students to utilize scientific knowledge and data to solve and provide insight toward experimental problems,” said Dr. Newsome, bioinformatics program director. “Their work is but a mere illustration of the depth and breadth of what bioinformatics is and the quality of education that students are receiving in the bioinformatics program here at MVSU.”

Jenaelle presented her research titled "Pathway and Genetic Analysis of Prostate Cancer in African-American Males" at the 11th Annual MidSouth Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Society (MCBIOS) Conference at Oklahoma State University.

In her study, microarray expression data of African- and European-American males diagnosed with prostate cancer were analyzed and compared.  The purpose was to identify molecular characteristics that may account for the occurrence and outcome disparities that exist between the two groups.

She is a native of Silver City, Miss. Coleman graduated salutatorian from Humphreys County High School in 2008. She is also a Gates Millennium Scholar. She received her bachelor’s degree in computer science from Mississippi Valley State University in 2012. 

Shreyansh presented his research "The Use of PERL Programming to Analyze Data from an Arabidopsis Thaliana Phytoremediation Experiment" at the 71st Joint Annual Meeting of the National Institute of Science and Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society (NIS/BKX) Conference hosted by Prairie View A&M in Houston, Tex.  

His research discussed phytoremediation and the use of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. In his research, he was able to identify genes that were both induced and repressed, which appeared to be important in selenium phytoremediation and genes that might be overrepresented in the gene set of induced (or repressed) genes as compared to the total set of all genes present. 

Chaudhary is from Varanasi, India. He received his Bachelor of Technology degree in electronics and communication engineering from Uttar Pradesh Technical University in 2012. At MVSU, he’s a math tutor and graduate assistant.

The Department of Natural Sciences and Environmental Health provides opportunities for all students of the University to become familiar with concepts and principles of natural sciences and environmental health while offering baccalaureate and master’s degree curricula that prepares students for advanced study in biomedical sciences, admission to schools of medicine, dentistry, nursing, medical technology physical therapy and trains students for employment.  

For more information about the Department of Natural Sciences and Environmental Health or the Bioinformatics Program, contact 662-254-3395.