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July 25, 2016

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Social Work Professors Present at New Orleans Conference

December 04, 2013

Three professors, along with 24 social work students traveled to Metairie, La. to attend the New Orleans Association of Black Social Workers’ 26th Annual Southwest Regional Conference.

The National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW) is a group founded in the midst of African American struggles to be a self-determining people.  NABSW advocates for social change, justice and human development of African people here in the United States and throughout the world.

The purpose of the conference is to bring black social workers together to discuss a wide range of issues including psychological, financial, health, relationship and substance abuse problems.

While at the conference, Professor of Social Work Baxter Wright, Ph.D. presented on ethics. His presentation titled A Look at Eugenics Programs in the U.S. from a Social Work Perspective examined the elusive nature of the ethical dilemma surrounding the practice of Eugenics. Participants also had the opportunity to look at the practice from a global perspective.

Following Wright was Assistant Professor, Dr. Cynthia P. Honore’-Collins. She focused on the area of education and diversity in collaboration with a presentation titled Diversity in Collaboration to Serve Children, Youth and Families. Honore’-Collins’ informed participants of the importance of coordination and collaboration of multiple disciplines to serve children, youth and families. It brought relevance to the social work practice and discussed how diversity is not just black and white.

Also, Dr. Tracey T. Mims, Associate Professor and Director of the Bachelor of Social Work program, gave a presentation on the Collaboration between the Mississippi Delta and The Gambia, West Africa. At the end of his presentation, participants understood at least five cultural differences and similarities between the Mississippi Delta and The Gambia. They were also able to identify three goals that can help their community understand the importance of working together to create productivity in youth. Mims was assisted by undergraduate students in the social work program at MVSU.

MVSU students felt empowered after being commended for how well they assisted Mims in presenting The Gambia. “Our students were applauded because they really brought The Gambia to everyone at the conference, said Mims”

About 225 people attended the conference including Mississippi institutions - Jackson State University and the University of Mississippi. MVSU students concluded their travel with visits to the 9th ward.