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July 26, 2016

University News


August 23, 2013
Due to increasing demand for on-campus housing and structural problems with one residence hall, Mississippi Valley State University will house over 100 of its upperclassmen off-campus in local hotels.  MVSU has leased space in two hotels to house the overflow of students.

“Our commitment at Mississippi Valley State University has always been to provide educational access to those who wish to continue their education,” said Dr. Alfred Rankins, Jr., Valley’s acting president.

“Although we are excited that there is an increase in demand for on-campus housing, taking one of our existing residence halls offline has forced us to make some major adjustments to accommodate the number of students requesting on-campus housing for the fall semester,” said Rankins.

MVSU has made arrangements for the fall semester with Three Rivers Inn & Suites and the Rodeway Inn in Greenwood to provide student housing.  The University has taken the necessary steps to ensure that the off-campus properties meet the same level of quality, life safety and campus support as current on-campus facilities.  These off-campus sites will be manned by university staff at all times, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Students will be transported to and from the Itta Bena campus by the campus shuttle service and will be able to eat all of their meals in the University’s dining hall.  MVSU police will patrol the off-campus sites and the Greenwood Police Department will assist with patrolling these sites as well.

The University has initiated a project to renovate James Hall, an existing residence hall that is currently not being used to house students.  The renovation of that hall will be complete by December 2013.  However, as floors are completed, the University will begin moving students who have been displaced from the hotels back to the campus.   Upon completion of the James Hall renovation, all students will move back to the main campus for the spring semester of 2014.

For further information regarding student housing, please contact Dr. Jerald Woolfolk Adley, Vice President for Student Affairs, Enrollment Management, and Diversity at 662-254-3636.