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July 25, 2016

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Lloyd, ’70 Named New Director for Alumni Affairs

September 06, 2011

Progress continues to take place at Mississippi Valley State University. Navie I. Lloyd, a 1970 graduate, has been named director of Alumni Affairs. Lloyd steps into the position with a vision for fully engaging her fellow alumni.

“I am elated that I’ve been given an opportunity as an alumnus of The Valley to be able to do the job well, so that we can move forward,” said Lloyd. “I believe that my mission in life is to help Mississippi Valley State University become greater and through this opportunity, I can help.”

Vice President Angela Getter said she is similarly “elated” at having Lloyd in such a vital leadership position. “Valley alumni are a critical component to the strength and success of the University. We are delighted to have a director of Lloyd’s stature leading the Office of Alumni Affairs.”

A native of Indianola, Lloyd graduated with a Bachelor of Science in biology.  In addition, she served as a mathematics teacher in the Mound Bayou School District for over twenty years at John F. Kennedy High School.  She also worked for Indianola Public Schools for ten years.  

Lloyd is focused on “helping everyone to understand that we are here to carry out the mission we set forth: to educate students in the Mississippi Delta. I know we can do that, with the help of our alumni, who are working in various fields throughout the country.”