Mississippi Valley State University

August 1, 2014

Library Liaisons

Mississippi Valley State University
JamesHerbert White Library

Library Liaison Program

The Library Liaison Program at MVSU is designed to engagethe faculty and librarians in a collaborative venue to strengthen the library’sservices and collections. Librarians are assigned to each academic departmentas a liaison to serve as a link between the library and the academicdepartments in articulating the needs of the department of the library. JamesHerbert White librarians are knowledgeable of the subject areas for which theyare assigned as well as evolving and emerging trends in librarianship.

 The primary objectives of the Library Liaison Program areto:

  • Enhance collection development of the print and non print collections;
  • Assist in promoting and articulating the needs of the library and each academic department;
  • Enhance library services; and
  • Foster a collaborative and cohesive relationship between the library and the academic department

 The liaison assignments are as follows:


Contact Information

Departments/Subject Areas


3494 or 3495 (phone)

mlhenderson@mvsu.edu (email)

Department of Continuing Education

Department of Teacher Education

Assistant Director

3494 or 7831 (phone)

tina.rice@mvsu.edu (email)

Department of Criminal Justice

Department of Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Serials Librarian

3498 or 3494 (phone)

Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Department of Fine Arts

Department of Business

Cataloging Librarian

3498 or 3494 (phone)

Department of Bioinformatics

Department of Applied Technology

Department of Natural Sciences and Environmental Health

Reference Instructional Librarian

3496 or 3497 (phone)

cassandra.ifie@mvsu.edu (email)


Department of Social Sciences ((History only)

Department of Communications

Department of Social Work

Reference/Coll. Dev. Librarian 

3496 or 3497 (phone)

Department of English/Foreign Languages

Department of Social Sciences (everything except history)