Mississippi Valley State University

April 24, 2014

W.I.A. - Workforce Investment Act



The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) provides increased flexibility for state and local officials to establish broad-based labor market systems using federal job training funds for adults, dislocated workers and youth. The law mandates coordination among a range of federal job training programs, including the Employment Service, adult education and literacy programs, welfare-to-work, vocational education and vocational rehabilitation. WIA’s goal is to provide workforce development services to employers and workers through a universally accessible, information-driven, one-stop career center system. If you would like more information regarding WIA-approved programs, please visit http://mississippi.org/eplweb/ and click on the Customer/Public Access option.

Frequently Asked Questions about WIA:

What is the WIA program at Mississippi Valley State University?

The WIA program administers federal grant funds through the WIN Job Centers in Mississippi. Mississippi Valley State University is an eligible training provider in this program.

Who is qualified to receive WIA funding at Mississippi Valley State University?

Students who meet the following criteria:

  • You must be completely admitted into one of the WIA-eligible programs. For a list of the eligible programs, please visit http://mississippi.org/eplweb/ and select the link, Customer/Public Access. Select Search by Provider and then Mississippi Valley State University, to view all the active WIA-approved degree and certificate programs at MVSU.
  • You must have at least a 2.0 GPA, without having failed a class in the previous semester immediately prior to applying for WIA funding.
  • You must be a resident of Mississippi
  • You must be in or approaching your final three semesters at MVSU. You should apply for WIA funding the semester prior to your final three semesters.

Please be advised that if your GPA falls below the required 2.0, your WIA award can be revoked.

What expenses are covered by WIA?

WIA Funds cover tuition, some fees, and books up to the allowable limit.

Can you get WIA assistance and other financial aid?

Yes, but there are limits on the total amount of financial aid that a student can receive. WIA will not pay over $2,000.00 per semester for any student and will only pay for three semesters for a student seeking a degree. If you receive a Pell Grant, your WIA award will be reduced. Certificate programs are a bit different in that WIA only pays for a certain number of classes.

To receive additional information about WIA, visit the WIA office at MVSU located on the first floor in College Hall II, or contact Janice Jackson at (662)254-3782.