Mississippi Valley State University

April 23, 2014

Faculty Development

Mission Statement

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides efficient, effective, and productive operations for assisting faculty teaching and research so that faculty can maintain an optimal and conducive learning environment. It supports faculty in developing pedagogical strategies for teaching students in the core-curriculum, concentrated areas and in areas like communication,critical thinking, and technology; it offers tuition, travel, and research grants to further the professional development needs of the faculty; and it assists in developing innovative programs that support a diverse student body with different needs and ways of learning.


The Teaching and Learning Center maintains a conference room, computer room, and a resource room. The conference room can be used for committee meetings and small workshops, and the computer room is available for basic processing and more advanced digital media. The resource room offers books and other media on teaching and learning topics from assessment and evaluation to pedagogy and course design and equipment for enhancing course instruction.