Mississippi Valley State University

July 26, 2016

Delta Media Project

The Delta Media Project is a formal collaboration between acclaimed videographer Ed Silvera and the Delta Research & Cultural Institute of Mississippi Valley State University. In the fall of 2005, DRCI launched a new initiative that we refer to as the Blues & Abstract Truth! This program presents an annual series of lectures and workshop demonstrations honoring the Blues tradition in the Delta, and the linkages between this tradition and those of the African Diaspora. The visiting musicians and scholars who participate in our series assist DRCI in the production and presentation of new African American cultural resources and models that can be infused as educational reference materials into a Delta Studies minor at Mississippi Valley State University, and into social studies programs in Delta area public schools that have adopted Blues-in-the-Schools programs.

Delta Media Project's goal is to become the number one digital repository of Mississippi Delta related media. We are committed to presenting original photos, video presentations and audio recordings that contribute to a greater awareness and understanding of the daily life and the Blues tradition in the Delta region of Mississippi. Visitors to our site are presented with visual and auditory documentation of one of the richest evolving cultural traditions in the global community. In many ways, this project reflects an ideal model of the type of participatory action research that DRCI promotes. The Delta Media Project is a venue for content submission by anyone with a vested interest in preserving and promoting the cultural heritage and integrity of the Delta via media. This content will support and enhance on-going statistical research and analysis conducted by DRCI on Civil Rights and Human Wrongs in the Delta and serve as a basis for comparative analyses on the Blues continuum throughout the African Diaspora.

To find out more about The Delta Media Project or for more information or guidelines on submitting your media content for display, please visit our CONTACT US page.