Mississippi Valley State University

April 24, 2014

Who We Are


Mississippi Valley State University is more accurately a “state-assisted institution,” as we depend upon non-state resources for more than half of our operating needs.

The Office of Advancement is responsible for the timely and accurate deposit of all gifts received by all departments and divisions of the University. It is essential that gifts be transmitted to the University's Office of Advancement as soon as possible to maintain accurate records and ensure that donors are properly acknowledged and recognized.

Contributions are a fundamental means to assisting MVSU in attracting and retaining talented faculty and staff, while inspiring vibrant students to lead, learn and encourage business leaders and innovators to form vital partnerships that drive our shared economic and cultural future.

The Office of Advancement is here to assist with the most current information about giving opportunities at the University and to consult with individuals about how they can make a positive impact.


To support the mission, traditions and values, inherent strengths and future aspirations of Mississippi Valley State University with a strong philanthropic program that is focused on four key functions - prospect identification, engagement and cultivation, solicitation and stewardship - for the purpose of fostering and maintaining strong relationships with and garnering support from our constituents.


Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the University’s source of unrestricted contributions and is the mainstay of our fund-raising efforts. Currently, MVSU has nearly 3,000 students from across the United States, the majority from Mississippi and more specifically the Mississippi Delta. A gift to the Annual Fund is an investment you can make in the lives of Mississippi Valley State University students now!

Class Agent Program

Through the Class Agent program, each class is represented by one or two volunteers who are responsible for coordinating and implementing the fund-raising process for the Annual Fund in their class.

A Class Agent's role is to make sure that all classmates have been contacted and have been given the opportunity to participate in the MVSU Annual Fund. A Class Agent understands philanthropy, has time to serve as a Valley volunteer, is motivated and has the ability to motivate others, is a respected member of the Class, and has a positive track record of giving to the university.

The Class Agent Program will strengthen communication between alumni and the University as well as assist with increasing alumni giving and participation.

James Herbert White (JHW) Preeminence Awards and Scholarship Gala

The JHW Preeminence Awards and Scholarship Gala serves as the main vehicle for raising scholarship dollars. With federal funds decreasing, less than 40% of funding from the state and increasing tuition cost, it is essential to reduce the financial burden on our students. In addition to being our premiere fundraising event, the James Herbert White Awards are presented at the Gala. These awards are the highest non-academic awards given by the University. They are presented to individuals with high achievement in the areas of politics, philanthropy, leadership, community service and education. The Gala is the culminating activity of the University’s Annual Founder’s Week celebration.

MVSU Golf Tournament

The Annual Greenwood-Leflore Corporate Golf Invitational for Mississippi Valley State University is another University fundraising event. It is a time when friends, the corporate community and alumni come together for a fun-filled day of golf for a deserving cause.

Participation in the annual golf tournament is another way to enhance our scholarship program and ensure that highly talented students can work toward their full potential. MVSU remains dedicated to providing quality academic programs and services to existing and prospective students and remaining true to our motto “Live for Service”.

MVSU Telefund

The MVSU Telefund is a student–staffed call center. Student callers update alumni records, communicate new initiatives and exciting programs, and answer any questions that alumni might have about the University. In addition, student callers give alumni an opportunity to directly impact the quality of education by making a gift. More than 6,000 alumni are contacted on an annual basis.