Mississippi Valley State University

July 28, 2016

Learning Resource Lab

The CESL Learning Resource Lab serves all students, faculty, and staff with the latest technological aids for improving essential skills for college success.With the assistance of our Lab Technician, students can also experience one-on-one banner navigation instructions. Come visit the CESL Learning Resource Lab to improve your computer skills while completing assignments or checking your e-mail.


 First time users will be given instructions to sign-in and log into the computer using your student log-in name and password given by the Office of Academic Computer Services. Since our computers are in constant use, there is an hour and thirty minute limit per session when other students are waiting. Printing is free. However, there is a limit of 10 pages per user each time you log-in.


Jennifer Neal, OfficeManager

Technical Education Building, Room B

Phone (662) 254-3442/3444

FAX (662) 254-3003