Mississippi Valley State University

July 26, 2016


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The MVSU bookstore is an auxiliary of Mississippi Valley State University and operates under the auspices of the Vice President for Fiscal and Administrative Affairs.

Merchandise other than textbooks have a 48-hour refund period from the date purchased. A sales receipt is required for a refund and merchandise must be in new selling condition. (Software and Books, where applicable, must be in original shrink wrap.) Defective merchandise will be exchanged for the exact item.
The bookstore will not make refunds on special ordered items, software, etc.

In the event of a shortage of textbooks, the manager of the MVSU bookstore will place two copies on reserve at the James Herbert White Library. This is will give students access to the text until the store receives additional copies.

Full credit will be given on books returned within two weeks from the date of purchase. The purchaser will be refunded in the same manner in which the original transaction occurred. During the summer terms, books may be returned within one week after each summer semester. All book returns are subject to the following terms and conditions during all terms at Mississippi Valley State University:
New books must be in new selling condition and free of any marks or other signs of wear. If the text was purchased in plastic wrap, it must be returned in that same condition to receive a refund for a new text, otherwise, the book will considered used and refunded as such.
All returns must be accompanied by a legible sales receipt. Do not write in any book until you are certain that there will be no need to return it. Refund deadlines will be prominently posted in the Bookstore.
Books purchased near the end of any semester can be refunded in full if returned within 24 hours, and meet the above criteria.

At the end of each term, the MVSU bookstore conduct a book buyback program. The purpose of this program is to replenish the inventory of the bookstore with adoptions needed for the upcoming semester. Also, it serves as a mechanism by which the unit can reduce the cost of textbooks to students. Books are subject to change, either through publisher revisions or faculty members making new adoptions. We will generally repurchase used books that are on the upcoming semester’s adoption list at an amount 50% of the original purchase price or less. All textbooks reviewed during the buyback period are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The textbook is a current edition and is listed as a required text for the following semester.
  • The text has been subjected to normal usage.
  • The quantity for the particular text has not been reached. If so, the text may be purchased at the full buy-back, value. Discontinued or overstocked books can be repurchased at wholesale prices as well.