Mississippi Valley State University

July 24, 2016



Mission Statement
The CESL Tutorial Service program is designed to assist those students having difficulties in various subjects and those students seeking to improve their study habits and enhance their knowledge.

The tutoring Service is a service unit within the CESL. It provides individualized assistance to students having difficulties with some of their classes. This service is not exclusively for students taking the basic courses, but it is also aimed at encouraging and emphasizing excellence writing in creative thinking, critical reading and logical reasoning.

1. To enhance the development of student through effective tutoring sessions
2. To provide one-on one extended lectures to students who need the extra push to succeed in their classes.
3. To assist traditional and Non-traditional students with their class work where they were having problems in some subjects.
4. To provide re-enforcement services to students who need the extra push to stay in class.
5. To provide the best services possible to the students in creative wiring, critical reading, and thinking logically in reasoning and in basic sciences.