Mississippi Valley State University

July 23, 2016

Field Training Exercises

Training is broken down into three separate, but important modules, each of which is important to the overall readiness of a unit.

Module 1 - Classroom Training - In the classroom the cadets learn the concept of operations.

Module 2 - Leadership Labs - In labs, the cadets are afforded opportunities to apply their classrooms knowledge in small groups.

Module 3 - Field Training - In the field, the cadets are afforded opportunities to apply their classroom training and their hands-on training into a larger scale walk/run phase involving a larger number of cadets.

Field Training is where we get a chance to not only assess the cadets but also assess our training program ensuring that it is efficient.

Field Training simulates what a cadet could expect at LDAC, it features day and night land navigation testing and squad situational tactical exercises lanes that placed Cadets in stressful situations and challenged their skills as leaders and followers.

Upon arrival to the training site, Cadets are divided randomly into squads and await orders for training. Depending on their squad, Cadets would then either conducted night land navigation or patrol base operations, followed by squad situation lanes.

For day and night land navigation training, Cadets receive compasses, a list of eight-digit grid coordinates and a map of the training area before they are sent on their way to individually find various points within the area of operation within a given time limit. Upon their return, Cadets are graded on their alpha numerical answers, which were found at their grid locations.

During the lanes event, Cadets are placed in different positions of authority, either a squad leader or a team leader. They are evaluated based on their decision-making process and ability to control Soldiers appointed under them while conducting different battle drills many times with different variables.

Given a particular situation and mission, squad leaders develop plans to complete all of the squad’s objectives efficiently and within an allotted time. After the plan are made, Cadets are evaluated on their ability to execute and adapt their plans to complete the mission.