Mississippi Valley State University

July 26, 2016

Military Science


MS 101. GENERAL MILITARY SCIENCE. Organization of the Army ROTC, the roles of the Army National Guard, Army Reserve, the officer and non-commissioned officer corps; rank structure; customs and traditions of service; individual weapons and marksmanship; and drill ceremony.(2)

MS 102.  GENERAL MILITARY SCIENCE.  Command and leadership, human behavior study and application, contemporary social problems and situational studies, drill and ceremony, first aid, and field survival techniques.  Prerequisite: MS 101(2)

MS 201.  GENERAL MILITARY SCIENCE II.  First aid and life saving techniques.  CP training; land navigation and map reading; weapons characteristics and training.  Prerequisite: MS 101 and MS 201 (2)

MS  202.  GENERAL MILITARY SCIENCE II.  Drill and ceremony; tactics; physical fitness training; and Army organization and philosophy.  Prerequisite: MS 201

MS 204-205.  RANGER CHALLENGE BASIC RIFLE MARKSMANSHIP.  Firearms awareness and safety procedures for the beginner, shooting safety, fundamental, techniques, and positions of rifle marksmanship for the small bore sports rifle shooter. (3)

MS 301.  ADVANCE COURSE, GENERAL MILITARY SCIENCE III.  Individual drill and ceremony; squad, platoon, and company drill; conduct of inspections; radio and radiotelephone communications techniques and equipment; weapons training; and survival training in a field environment.  Emphasis is placed on command and leadership training.  Prior military service, Camp Challenge or permission of the Professor of military Science.  Prerequisite:  MS 201 and MS 202 (4)

MS 302.  ADVANCED COURSE GENERAL MILITARY SCIENCE III.  Map reading; small unit tactical planning; first-aid for nuclear, biological, and chemical casualties: land navigation and adjustment of indirect fire. Prerequisite:  Prior military service, Camp Challenge, or permission of the Professor of Military Science.  Prerequisite:  MS 201 (4)

MS 313.  PHYSICAL FITNESS TRAINING.  Principles and conduct, organizational objectives, stretches goals, exercises, circuits, relays, contests, obstacle courses to develop individual and unit physical fitness.  Student is evaluated on the Army Physical Fitness Test.  Course will not fulfill requirements in physical education. (3)


MS 401.  ADVANCED COURSE GENERAL MILITARY SCIENCE IV.  Conduct of training, draft and review of military correspondence, conduct meetings and briefing, logistics, leadership, and counseling.  Prerequisites: MS 301 and MS 302 or permission of the Professor of Military Science.

MS 402. ADVANCED COURSE GENERAL MILITARY SCIENCE IV. Military Law and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, law of warfare, military professionalism and ethics, command and staff functions, and military intelligence.  Prerequisites: MS 301, MS 302, MS 401, and Ms 402 or permission of the Professor of Military Science.  (4)