Mississippi Valley State University

July 31, 2016

Color Guard

Color Guard Team

Since early history, flags and banners have been used by many armies in battle. They served several purposes: to identify units, for signaling and to be a common point of reference for the movements of the soldiers in the unit, enabling them to keep formation. The flag was also a symbol of the unit. The loss of a unit's flag was not only shameful, but losing this central point of reference could make the unit break up. To protect the flag, a detachment of soldiers was assigned to guard it.

In the U.S., traditionally, the unit's sergeant major is responsible for the safeguarding, care, and display of the organizational colors. He or she is also responsible for the selection, training, and performance of the members.  The color guard consists of enlisted members and is commanded by the senior (color) Sergeant, who carries the National Color and gives the necessary commands for movements and rendering honors during drill exercises or parade ceremonies.

Being assigned to the color guard is considered an honor due to the fact that these individuals present and carry the symbols of their unit and country. Depending on the circumstance and subject to the orders of their commander, members may wear full dress or less formal uniforms. It is mandatory for all members of the color guard to wear headgear, for example, a garrison cap, beret, or service cap. On occasion, certain color guards can be horse-mounted.

The Delta Company Color Guard performs duties at various ceremonies in support of The Valley and surrounding communities. We participate in Parades, Honors, Funerals, Convocation, Commencement and selective events.

If you wish for the Color Guards to perform in your event, please contact us at: (662) 254-3597 or via email to barobin@mvsu.edu.