Mississippi Valley State University

July 24, 2016


ET 101 Print Reading  

Teaches the application of basic principles, visualization, orthographicprojection, assembly drawings, exploded views, and detail of drafting terminology. Considersdimensioning, changes and corrections, classes of fits, tolerances and allowances, sections and conventionin print reading. Includes reading, understanding, and interpreting architectural drawings including floorplans, elevations, sections and construction details. Teaches welding nomenclature and symbols alongwith electrical and electronic symbols, wiring diagrams, hydraulic and pneumatic symbols, schematicdrawings and piping diagrams. Presents material for drafters, material estimators, construction workers,electricians, superintendents and supervisors. 

ET 102 Technical Drawing  

Teaches basic technical drawing involving sketching, orthographicprojection, arrangement of views and drafting techniques. 

ET 201 Introduction to Architecture

This course presents the techniques of architectural drafting, symbols dimensional, and methods of representation. Instruction is given in the fundamentals needed to prepare a complete set of working drawings for a one-story residence. Residential planning and design and presentational drawing are studied. 3 credit hours

AT 201 Architectural Drawing 

This course stresses the further development of drafting skills and the fundamentals use of materials in construction, with emphasis on building codes. Presentational and working drawings for two-story and/or split level frame constructions are developed with plans, elevations, sections, details, plots and contour maps. 3 credit hours

ET 221 Wood Construction

This course gives detailed instruction in the use of hand and machine tools. Emphasis is placed in setting up an operation of such machines as the table and handsaw, the hollow chisel mortise, the jointer and planner and wood lathe. The course covers the fundamentals principles of wood construction, including both rough and finished carpentry. 3 credit hour

ET 222 Construction Methods 

An investigation of various construction and building techniques, including traditional and modified methods. Laboratory will include model and prototype development 3 credit hours

ET 322 Climate Control Systems

This course includes a study of the theoretical principles of heating, cooling, and plumbing installation in accordance with modern practices and accepted codes. 3 credit hours

ET 422 Building Codes, Contracts and Specifications

A study is made of building codes controlling building design. The writing of contracts and specifications are also covered.