Mississippi Valley State University

July 28, 2016

Office Administration (OA)

Office Administration (OA)

OA103 Introduction to Keyboarding Student in this course will master the keyboard using the touch method, and learn basic word processing commands; create business letters, envelopes, memos, tables, and format reports using Microsoft Word. 3  

OA203 Word Processing I Use of the personal computer and word processing software in the preparation of documents. Emphasis placed on terminology, concepts, and applications. 3 Prerequisite OA103 or consent of the instructor

OA205 Internet Research for Business This course is a business-oriented Internet class which covers the major access routes for using resources on the Internet, including etiquette, using Boolean operators, copyright and plagiarism, Electronic mail, Listservs, blogs, e-mail groups, personal webpage development, and the World Wide Web. Legal, ethical and social issues involving the use of the Internet will also be covered. This class will focus on finding and using business resources available on the Internet. 3 Prerequisite OA 103

OA 207 Presenting with Media Students will learn to create a basic presentation, modify to focus on precise, strong virtual content, and deliver a PowerPoint presentation. Presentations will be enhanced with images, sounds, animations, speaker's notes and tables and charts. 3 Prerequisite OA 103

OA215 Microcomputer Applications Designed to proide students with hands-on experience in using personal computers in business decision-making and reporting. Emphasis is on development of spreadsheets, graphics, and database management. 3 Prerequisites OA 203 or consent of the instructor 

OA 303 Word Processing II Development of intermediate concepts and applications of word processing using popular word processing software. 3 Prerequisite OA 203 or consent of the instructor

OA311 Electronic Spreadsheet The purpose of this course is to provide students hands-on training using Microsoft Excel for business, professional, and personal use. The student will gain a comprehensive understanding of the spreadsheet application. 3 Prerequisite OA 215 

OA 321 Business Communication and Report Writing Designed to refine human relations and writing skills through practical written business messages, research proposals and research reports. 3 Prerequisite Junior standing or consent of the instructor

OA323 Database Management The purpose of this course is to provide students hands-on training using Microsoft Access for business, professional, and personal use. Topics will include tables, queries, forms and reports, PivotTables and Charts. Students will also learn how to import and export data with other software program. 3 Prerequisite OA 215 

OA 404 Desktop Publishing An introduction of the development and production of professional presentations and typesetter-quality publications on the microcomputer incorporating essential concepts of typography, document design and layout. 3 Prerequisite OA303

OA412 Integrated Computer Applications A capstone course that emphasizes the integration of the student's knowledge of office skills. Topics include office related assignments using the Microsoft Office suite. An exit exam will be administered at the end of the semester as a means of assessing program outcomes. Prerequisite Senior Office Administration Major

 OA425 Records and Database Management Principles and procedures of records and database management. Emphasis on ARMA-compatible filing rules, managing records using paper and electronic database systems. Includes classification systems, equipment, automated procedures, microforms, and forms design. 3 Prerequisites BA314 and OA215

OA430 Management Information Systems The use of information systems for managerial decision making purposes. The use of information technology for competitive advantage, accounting information systems, decision support systems, office automation, expert systems, and organizational information systems studied. 3 Prerequisites BA314 and OA215 and Senior standing

OA435 Office Management A survey of the problems of the modern office from the viewpoint of management: study of the organization of an office, duties of an office manager, control of office supplies, selection and use of office machines, and preparation of office forms, procedures, and manuals. 3 Prerequisites BA314 and OA425

OA441 Administrative Procedures Integration of human relations, problem-solving and decision making skills using simulated office situations with special emphasis on current technology. Emphasis on the roles of management and supervision in administrative support positions. 3 Prerequisites OA303 and Senior Office Administration Major

OA 450 MOS Certification This course will prepare students to take the MOS certification exams. The course will cover topics specified by the MOS exam in three areas (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word). 3