Mississippi Valley State University

July 28, 2016


Picture of Associate Professor of Political Science/Public Administration Morgan Z. Ero
Associate Professor of Political Science/Public Administration Morgan Z. Ero
W.A. Butts Social Science Building Main Office
Morgan Zan Ero Ph.D. Interim Chair. Department of Social Sciences. Dr. Ero holds a BS in Mass Communications and a MA in Political Science and Public Administration from Jackson State University and a Ph. D. from Atlanta University (1987) with a specialization in Political Economy, Community Development and African Politics. Dr. Ero joined Mississippi Valley State University in 1989 and has since served in various capacities, including Founding Director of Public Administration program (1995-2007), Interim Director, Institutional Research (1998-1999), Special Assistant to the Provost/VP Academic Affairs, and Interim Chair (2007-Present). Dr. Ero has taught at various national and international universities including Jackson State University and University of Benin, Nigeria. He has been recognized on various occasions for teaching excellence and community service. These includes, HEADWAE Faculty of the year (1995), Vice President and President of Faculty Senate (2001/2002) and Chair, University Tenure and Promotion Committee (2005-2006) Dr. Ero presently teaches courses in Political Science, Public Administration and graduate courses in Rural Public Policy.
B.S., Jackson State University; M.A., Jackson State University; Ph.D., Atlanta University. (1989)