Mississippi Valley State University

July 23, 2016


Picture of Dr. Constance G. Bland
Dr. Constance G. Bland
CRB 121
I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences at Mississippi Valley State University in Itta Bena, Mississippi. In Spring of 1998, I completed my Ph.D. in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi. My dissertation, “Computer Based Instruction: Designing an Effective Networked Hypermedia Learning Environment” was concerned with the creation of hypermedia learning environments which are able to provide classroom instruction in a form that is superior to the current methods of instructional delivery. My dissertation advisor was Dr. Pamela Lawhead who is currently director of the NASA Visualization Center at the University of Mississippi. My current research involves topics in computer science education related to database management systems, software engineering and retention of CS majors. We are currently undertaken a project in the MCIS department at MVSU to determine the impact of introducing the concepts of object oriented programming to first year CS students using a visual animation tool known as Alice.

Current funded projects include:

CSEMS Odyssey Scholarships:
This is a scholarship program designed to increase the number of CS and mathematics majors by instituting tutorial services, providing student development activities and debt reduction through small scholarships to deceased external employment of student seeking degrees.

NSF HBCU-UP Program:
This program is designed to strengthen the infrastructure of the University as it relates to the education of its STEM students. Specifically, program activities seek to provide faculty development activities, to improve curricula, to provide scholarships and to recruit students through pre-college activities into the STEM disciplines.
B.A., University of Mississippi; B.S., University of Mississippi; M.S., University of Mississippi; Ph.D., University of Mississippi. (1991)