Mississippi Valley State University

July 30, 2016


The overall goal of the Department of Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences is to provide competent, supportive faculty and to offer relevant curricula that will help prepare students to cope with and thrive in an ever-changing world. More specifically, the Department strives:
  • To develop in students the mathematical and computer skills necessary to be successful in a technological society;
  • To provide experiences through modeling, field experience and simulations that develop teachers and programmers who are holistic transformers;
  • To develop cognitive skills through effective and holistic teaching; and
  • To produce teachers and computer scientists who are facilitators, scholars,reflective thinkers, and life long learners.

Objectives for Computer Science graduates
The program will produce graduates who:
  • Can convey and implement individually or in teams, effective software designs;
  • Have the ability to utilize informational resources for projects and research and to convey issues related to the discipline of computer science in oral and written communication;
  • Have obtained sufficient depth and breadth in computer science,mathematics, and science to analyze and solve problems; and
  • Have been prepared for entry into graduate school and/or employment in a CS related field.

Student Learning Outcomes
Graduates will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate proficiency in the design of software
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in the implementation of software based on software design
  3. Analyze algorithms to determine the most efficient
  4. Produce a quality software product in teams
  5. Orally defend the results of their projects/research.
  6. Use online databases and other informational resources to produce a bibliography that is current, relevant and from reliable sources.
  7. Communicate effectively in writing the results of their projects/research using the IEEE format.
  8. Understand, write about, and speak about social and ethical issues in CS.
  9. Use CS, MA and science principles and computing practices to analyze and solve a computer science problem.
  10. Demonstrate an understanding of mathematics and natural science
  11. Gain admissions to graduate school in a CS related field
  12. Obtain employment in industry or academia in a CS related field

Objectives for Mathematics &Mathematics Education graduates
The program will produce graduates who:
  • Can convey issues related to the discipline of mathematics both verbally and in written communications;
  • Can obtain sufficient depth and breadth in mathematics to confidently analyze and solve problems;
  • Can demonstrate their ability to effectively utilize information resources for projects and research; and
  • Understand and use the scientific method as a means to solve problems of all types.