Mississippi Valley State University

July 27, 2016

Office of the Dean


I'm proud to introduce you to the outstanding academic programs and activities that make us the liberal arts college at the heart of a diverse university.

With 17 intensive undergraduate major programs, a varied roster of 15 complementary minor programs, 3 graduate majors, and strong general education programs, the College of Arts and Sciences has built a vital and evolving foundation for undergraduate and graduate education. We connect students with our programs through traditional classroom and laboratory experiences and through innovative educational approaches that allow us to reach students far and wide.

An active faculty in the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, performing and visual arts, computer sciences, mathematics, and biological, environmental, and natural sciences support our programs.  More than 75 full-time faculty members bring their knowledge and expertise to our classrooms and laboratories.  All faculty members mentor students in research projects, deliver campus lectures to share their passion for education and research, and participate in the development of their fields of study through publications and involvement in their disciplines’ global communities.

In the College of Arts and Sciences, we nurture the fresh insights of our students through their courses of study, and through unique programs that highlight the college’s central role of fostering rigorous intellectual investigation that provides students with the necessary tools for not only posing questions but finding solutions to problems.

Students educated within one of the disciplines of the College of Arts and Sciences, will be able to embrace both theoretical and applied ways of understanding the past, the present and the future.

 Please visit our website and if given the opportunity I invite you to visit our campus to experience what the College of Arts and Sciences has to offer you.

Tazinski Lee, Ph.D. - Interim Dean