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December 20, 2014

College of Arts and Sciences

Formally created in 1999, the College of Arts and Sciences at Mississippi Valley State University emphasizes excellence in teaching and learning, with a faculty committed to scholarship, research, and service.

The College of Arts and Sciences prepares undergraduate students for careers and post-graduate study in the fields of art, biology, chemistry, computer and informational sciences, environmental health, history, literature and language, mathematics, music, political science, public administration, the recording industry, and sociology. In addition, the College houses a number of pre-professional undergraduate programs for students preparing for law, medical, dental, or veterinary school as well as those interested in preparing for allied health careers.

The College of Arts and Sciences is also home to three graduate programs in Bioinformatics, Enviromental Health, and Rural Public Policy and Planning . It serves all University students through its General Education course offerings, and supports a number of major programs in education licensure in conjunction with the College of Education.

College of Arts and Sciences News[ view all ]

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7/9/14 - Department of English and Foreign Languages

MS Arts Commission Fellowship

Dr. Zheng Receives Mississippi Arts Commission Fellowship

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6/16/14 - Department of Natural Sciences and Environmental Health

NSEH Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006189767708

NSEH-MVSU is on Facebook. Please join us and connect

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11/14/12 - Department of Math, Computer and Information Sciences

MCIS Sees Significant Progress

4/7/11 - Department of Social Sciences


Amazing Achievers[ view all ]

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NSEH graduates admitted to PhD programs

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Amazing Achievers in the Social Sciences

These are the amazing achievers in the Social Science Department.